Back country trips $250/day

Pack your fishin rods, swim wear, and a change of clothes as you saddle up to head through the Prince Albert National Park into the Saskatchewan outback. Set up camp on a remote lake in the Boreal forest where you can catch your supper and watch it be cooked over the open flames of your campfire. Enjoy life as it was with the opportunity to see wild bison, deer, elk, moose, lynx, and many bird species. Fall asleep to the howl of loons, coyotes or even wolves under a bed of stars and perhaps a magnificent display of northern lights. Give yourself a day to relax by the lake or continue your adventure down the many trails in the area. A true Canadian cowboy experience.

Ranch Stays $200/day

Welcome to Sturgeon River Ranch. This 940acre property is hidden in the beautiful Sturgeon River Valley and is home to an assortment of wildlife. Get to know your horse as he/she is brushed and saddled and you ride over into the Prince albert national park in search of Canada's only totally free ranging heard of wild Plains Bison within their historic habitat. With almost a million Acres to explore there is a different trail for every day of the week. With all the immenaties of home you can Rest your legs in the hottub at the end of the day and tell stories around the campfire. You never can tell when it'll break out into a game of horse shoes or song around these parts. Other attractions around the ranch include a heated above ground wildlife observatory, axe throwing, fishing,  hiking/biking trails, sleigh rides, snowshoeing, music festivals, and more. 

Full day ride $150/day (approx. 5 hours)

Ride out from the ranch in the beautiful Sturgeon River Valley  into the wild west side of the PA National Park, home of Canada's only totally free ranging heard of Plains Bison within their historic habitat. Head south on the west side trail in search of the largest animal on the plains. Pack your lunch in your saddle bag and enjoy it at the half way point in Long Meadow where the bison typically graze. Ride back along the valley view trail overlooking Stoney Plain Meadows and Valley View Meadows. Please wear sturdy footwear with a heal as to so your foot can't slip through the stirrups. Bring water, sunscreen, bug spray and a rain jacket.

half day ride $125/day

Note: A non-refundable deposit is required upon booking based on the number of guests in the party.

Overnight packages include meals and accommodations

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**** Ask about our Seasons pass $1000

Whether you don't have the time, space, knowledge, or budget to take care of a horse all year long let us handle it and Make the ranch your second home. Once you have learned the trails and picked your favorite horse you can hit the trails any time you like or join up with a group of adventurers.  Where there's a horse there's a way! 

For Booking Contact John Prosak